ZAP® laser rangefinders is a series of compact laser rangefinders designed to enhance your success in the field by making your decisions easier. With built-in micro-sensors and a powerful microcomputer, whether it be horizontal distance, elevation angle or bullet drop compensation values, ZAP® gives you the results you need.

  • ZAP® 1600 REGULAR features the capability to range up to 1600 m and ballistic computation software for 17 built-in and 4 custom, user-inputted bullet data.

  • ZAP®1600 WIRELESS transfer measuring distance via BLE technology to Ballistics Calculation APP downloaded in your smart phone/tablet for more accurate ballistic computation on the basis of your bullet information and environmental data. Furthermore, the APP will automatically send back the compensated results to ZAP®1600 Wireless for shown on the display to instantly update the compensated data for you.

  • ZAP®1600 GPS not only combines the features of REGULAR and WIRELESS, it also has a capability of GPS to detect the locations of you and your targets, map the terrain around you, and then transfer these data wireless to your smart phones via BLE technology.This product could be used in different applications.




While ZAP.M Modular Laser Range Finder adds distance measurement ability to your scope, Scope Smarter adds level sensing and ballistic computation that equips your scope with intelligence.  Both innovated scope-mounted devices shares the following features, helping to enhance your aim-to-shot accuracy in the field.


  • Displays drop and wind compensations in MOA output

  • Wide selection of pre-stored calibers or own load

  • Level and Elevation sensing

  • Altitude and Temperature sensing

  • Built-in Compass

  • Receives info from ZAP® 1600W wirelessly (to Scope Smarter™)